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What Misconceptions Do People Have About Slip & Fall Cases?

Video Transcript

What Are The Common Misconceptions That People Have About Slip-And-Fall Cases?

Many people have a misconception that merely because they fell and have an injury they are automatically entitled to money. This is not the case.

To obtain a damages award or settlement in a slip-and-fall case, a person must prove responsibility on the part of whoever was in charge of maintaining the subject location or property.

Therefore, there are always two important elements of slip-and-fall accident cases.

  1. The accident itself must give rise to some partial or complete fault on someone else’s part.
  2. You need to prove liability on the part of whoever you feel is responsible for the conditions causing you to fall.

Only once you have done that are you entitled to receive monetary damages for the pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment and loss of daily activities. Generally, the misconception looks like this:

“I had an accident. I’m entitled to money right away, and it is just a question of how much.”

It’s just not true and not that simple.

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