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Should People Contact Insurance Companies Directly To Receive Payment For Slip And Fall Cases?

Video Transcript

Should A Person Go Directly To The Insurance Company To Receive Payment For His Slip-And-Fall Accident?

The person is being penny-wise and pound-foolish because insurance companies rarely offer the true value or full value of money damages owed to an individual who is unrepresented without a lawyer.

An insurance company will often try to prevent further action on a potential claim or future litigation by offering an unrepresented individual without a lawyer a very small sum of money to kill the claim or case.

If someone who has potential for lasting and permanent injuries, with all of the other problems that go along with that, is foolish enough to grab quick money early on, I feel bad for that person later on when the true effect of an injury rears its ugly face.

What sometimes happens is that these unfortunate victims realize they did not get the money they were truly entitled to, especially considering they have to live with those injuries in the future. The insurance company has no sympathy and wants to avoid any further cost or any payout of additional monies.

Before giving you any monies to settle, the insurance company will make sure you sign a release whereby you are forever prevented from bringing any further action or claim against a negligent party or the insurance company in the future, despite a change in your circumstances.

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