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How Much Is A Slip And Fall Case Worth?

Video Transcript

How Much Is A Slip And Fall Case Worth?

The question cannot be answered without knowing more information and, more specifically, the true and full extent of the injuries, harm and other damages which resulted from the slip and fall.

Obviously, cases have different values depending on different variables. The particular injury will often determine initially what type of dollar value a case has.

After the true and full extent of the injuries is known, other variables (such as loss of earnings, medical costs, etc.) can be considered when determining the full value of the case.

Additionally, determining whether or not the sued defendant is entirely responsible for the injuries or whether the victim also bears some responsibility for the accident can also affect the value of the claim or case.

Of course, if the defendant is 100% responsible for the accident, then no reduction in the value of the case should occur. However, if for some reason the victim was negligent due to not seeing what was there to be seen or should have been seen and the accident could have been avoided, then the party who is being sued and its insurance carrier will always claim they are not entirely responsible and the value of the case should be reduced.

For example, if the case is worth $100,000, and the victim was 25% responsible, then the case would be worth $75,000.

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