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How Long Could A Slip-And-Fall Case Last?

Video Transcript

How Long Could A Slip And Fall Case Potentially Last?

Unfortunately, these cases can last for quite a while. Every case is different. Therefore, the case lengths are different.

No one can tell the specific or exact amount of time that a case will take other than noting that different courts throughout New York have different calendars and different estimated times to navigate through them in order to achieve the result you deserve.

There are other variables as well, such as the identity of the defendant. A lawsuit against a private defendant will often take less time than a lawsuit against a public entity such as the city of New York.

This is simply because most public entities and agencies have a large number of cases pending against them, and they do not have all of the manpower or resources to respond as quickly as a private defendant or private attorney. The courts recognize this and permit some latitude in terms of time and scheduling for these defendants and their lawyers.

Considering that the city of New York is the largest entity and employer in the city of New York itself, owning more property than anybody else, it is subject to more litigation than any other company or individual. When the city is involved in a case, it usually takes a longer time.

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