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Are There People Who Are Hesitant To Assert Their Rights When They Are Involved In A Slip And Fall Case?

Video Transcript

Are There People Who Feel Hesitant Or Discouraged When Involved In A Slip & Fall Case?

Yes. Many clients are fearful or hesitant at the beginning, even though they want to assert their full rights in court and seek the only remedy they have: To make a claim, start a lawsuit and go through the court system.

Many of these people are hesitant and fearful because they are afraid of retribution from a big company, landlord or building owner who they know they will continue to be in contact with in the future.

These people don’t realize that they are protected under the law from retribution from these people or companies. No person, landlord or company can prevent ordinary people from exercising their every right to obtain full and fair justice for any harms or losses incurred due to an accident.

If someone slips and falls in their apartment complex due to landlord negligence, the landlord should take responsibility for the accident that should not have happened. The landlord cannot make it more difficult for the injured tenant to continue living there.

We will make sure that does not happen as nobody should have to bear the burden of stress and fear. In 30 years, I haven’t come across any situation where our client was threatened or intimidated by a landlord for assessing his or her legal rights.

There is nothing to fear; one thing has nothing to do with the other.

However, some people do have this unwarranted fear. Some people are more hesitant than others. Of course, it is natural to be upset and concerned when proceeding with a claim and litigation because it is foreign to many people. However, with lawyers behind you and fighting for you, we are also there to protect you so you should never be discouraged from standing up for yourself.

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