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Parking Lots Look Safe, But They Can Be Dangerous

On Behalf of | May 19, 2022 | Personal Injury

What could be safer than a parking lot? Some drivers and passengers probably assume they are safer than the roads themselves. You just park your vehicle in the lot get out, enter a building or other destination and come out and get back in the vehicle. How could anything possibly happen to you while engaging in such an ordinary daily activity?

People rely on others to do the right thing. We all expect that the owner and/or manager of a Parking lot will reasonably maintain a parking lot in terms of safety and traffic flow. A parking lot can look deceptively safe. Unfortunately, inconspicuous dangers commonly exist.

People tend to think of motor vehicle accidents as the sole or biggest problem in parking lots. Crashes involving vehicles and pedestrians can certainly be serious. However, there are numerous other potential dangers giving rise to serious injury  as well.

What are some of the potential dangers in parking lots?

Here are some of the typical issues you might encounter that impact parking lot safety:

  • Insufficient or confusing signage
  • Potholes
  • Cracked uneven pavement
  • Broken misleveled pavement
  • Broken curbs
  • Broken sign posts
  • Poor lighting
  • Pavement that is deteriorated, crumbling and in decline.
  • Standing water
  • Parked vehicles such as large SUVs making it hard to see people on foot
  • Little or no security personnel
  • Inadequate removal of snow, ice or other elements

Owners, managers, operators, employers and others who have jurisdiction over parking lots must decide what to do to keep everyone safe based upon local laws, regulations and common industry standards. One-way driving lanes and designated parking areas for small vehicles to eliminate problems with seeing pedestrians including elevated crosswalks are all measures that can be taken to improve safety. Additionally, routine maintenance, repair and inspection of the parking lot can provide much needed safety as well.

Be cautious and attentive in parking lots

You can get hurt in a parking lot because of poor maintenance, lighting issues, lax security or any of the other causes mentioned above. If you are injured, you may want to determine whether the property owners, managers and operators can be held responsible for your injuries.