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Available 24/7   Free Consultation   No Fee Until We Win   212-689-5000

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Manhattan: 212-689-5000
Long Island: 516-535-6666
Brooklyn/Queens/Bronx/Staten Island:
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Serious Injuries And Accidents Require

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Our practice is dedicated entirely to representing accident, serious injury and wrongful death victims and their families.

Covid-19 Update: In spite of the pandemic, our office remains open and our hours are the same. Please call us today so we can best accommodate you. We hope you and your family stay and remain safe.

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The moments following a serious injury or wrongful death can be some of the most difficult of your life. While you focus on recovering your health, adjusting to long-term or permanent injuries, or grieving the loss of a loved one, the Law Offices of Ira M. Perlman, P.C. & Robert D. Rosen, P.C., will work with you one-on-one to take care of all the legal details and secure a full financial recovery for your accident.

We founded our practice to give a voice to those injured throughout the New York metropolitan area. Backed by over 35 years of experience inside and outside of the courtroom, we have the skill and tenacity it takes to secure justice.


Giving Injured New Yorkers The Devotion And Commitment Necessary To Prevail

Ira M. Perlman

Founding Partner and
Senior Trial Attorney

Robert D. Rosen

Founding Partner and
Trial Attorney

Client Testimonials

I can never thank them enough. This is the law firm to call because they are personally engaged in your case, which is very unique from the average firm. They really do care.

Debra L.

Thanks Mr. Rosen and Mr. Perlman, you are great attorneys and thank your office staff.

Hector Acosta & Aida Acosta

Ira is one of the best trial lawyers in New York City. He has tried numerous cases of mine as trial counsel; and always gets great results.

Reid Wissner

They are not like the big firms you see on TV that assign their lawyers, they take their time and are with you every step of the way. They keep you informed and they work day and night to see you get the justice that you need! I highly recommend these two great professionals to help you through your tough times.

– John G.

Standing Up To The Insurance Industry

Little did you know that when you were involved in the unfortunate circumstances that brought you to our website, you would be required to battle an insurance company that is part of an insurance industry which has funded a multibillion-dollar advertising campaign attempting to strip you of your legal rights and convince the public and potential jurors that all cases and injury claims are either frivolous, unworthy or unjustified.

The insurance industry is also relentless in its attempt to lobby lawmakers at both the state and federal levels in order to diminish your rights to pursue full and fair compensation for any damages and losses suffered resulting from an accident or other wrongdoing.

Unfortunately for the insurance industry and its lawyers, we know from experience and fighting the fight time and time again that ordinary people from the community who are sworn as jurors to hear and decide a case are not influenced by insurance company propaganda. Jurors know they are sworn to uphold justice and ultimately choose to search for the truth, follow the law and render justice to any deserving victim and his or her family. We will never back down in order to get you every bit of justice you and your family deserve.




Wrongful Death,
Improper Roadway Design



Medical Malpractice



Train Accident



Premises Negligence



Landlord Negligence/Unsafe Building

Passionately Pursuing Maximum Compensation For Your Pain And Suffering

Ira M. Perlman

Robert D. Rosen

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